Happy 50th birthday to my lovely brother, Luke


Me with Luke, 2014

January 1 is an important day in my family, because it marks our twin sister and brother, Martha’s and Luke’s birthday and this year is an extra special one, being their 50th birthday.

We knew for some time that, with her breast cancer, Martha was not likely to reach 50. And in her personality, she always seemed so young at heart, that really, it was hard to ever imagine her being “middle aged”. Today we know she is upstairs in heaven, happy and enjoying being in the “50 club” together with Lou, who, at just 11 months older, would still be 50 too!

That leaves Martha’s special twin brother, Luke to fly the 50 flag here on earth. As the years go on, I come to appreciate more and more that I have some really quite exceptional people in my family, and Luke is certainly one of those, in so many ways. He is a superb brother. Being the only boy amongst his seven sisters I think has helped him be an open hearted and loving communicator! He is so well loved by us all.

As a tribute to the wonderful person that he is, I put together this clip, as a snapshot of his life so far, and finished with some messages of love from all his family here in Australia.

Happy birthday Luke! Keep being the special person that you are. I send you love, hugs and warm wishes for happiness in your heart, each and every day for the next fifty!


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