All good!

Just reporting in that all is well! I’m sitting up in my “airy, light filled room”, just as requested. Thank you God!

It was confronting going through each step of the pre surgery procedure early yesterday morning. Funny how your brain just blocks traumatic experiences out, and then gets triggered as each little reminder turns up! So I was a bit teary when I came round the corner & saw those pre op beds. And again when those pre med lines were being inserted (“Ohhhhh no! Not again!), but on the whole kept it together okay. Plenty of deep breaths!

This hospital is so much quieter & brighter again than St V’s so I am loving that. Didn’t sleep much last night, just dozed, so I will be resting most of today.

James has just been in to see me this morning and he’s happy with everything. I’ve had my drip & oxygen tubes removed – yeah! Then a quick sponge bath and into my own nightshirt – superb. Dosed up with pain killers and am feeling fine, all things considered!

Thanks so much for all the love and prayers sent my way – they are working! 😊


From my husband’s point of view … (and mine too!)

Me in intensive care - v attractive!

Me in intensive care post surgery  – v attractive!

I read another woman’s blog the other day who had the same surgery as me, and she asked her husband how he felt about her surgery, a few months down the track. So,  sixteen weeks on, and mainly for others who are contemplating the same path, I thought I would put a few questions to my husband too, to give his viewpoint on these past few months:

Drum roll …. we have departed!!

Yeah!!! Hooray for being out in Sydney sunshine. Thank you St V’s!! 😊😊😊


Sarah emerged from surgery at 10pm tonight, after 12 hours on the operating table. I saw her at about 1030, just as she was starting to waken from the anaesthetic. She was in quite a lot of pain and discomfort but after about half an hour of adjusting morphine and panadeine levels and organising some dry mouth relief and the oxygen feed, she was much more settled when I left at about midnight. There are wires and drips everywhere and she is going to be waken through the night for ongoing but critical tests. The doctor is very pleased with the result of the surgery and at this stage there are no complications (not expecting any, but still very early days!). Sarah’s sister Anna was by her bed which made Sarah very happy – so thanks Anna for being there for her! Day 2 tomorrow…


Zoning in…


Sarah checked into pre-op at 630 this morning. Very calm, focused and in the zone. A fair bit of rigmarole prior to surgery, but all taken in her stride. Brave, brave girl. Left her side at 8. Called at 10 by James the plastic surgeon who advised of a delay in starting – admin issues only. So, a couple of hours late, but underway now…

Thanks for all your love


Thanks so much for all of your love and good wishes in the last day or so. I really do appreciate it so much. Still can’t quite believe it is happening but I suppose I will have accepted it by the time I get on to that hospital trolley.

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