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Today I had my almost 7 week check up with James, my surgeon, and he is very pleased with my progress. Everything is healing up well. From my point of view, I have been feeling much stronger in this past week. I have moved from the “painful & exhausted” end of the spectrum, to just “tired & uncomfortable”. My breasts are less achy and the need for the pain medication has backed off quite a bit. I’m off Endone (morphine) and just using Panadol a few times a day, with Tramadol at night (this info for fellow breast surgery friends!) And my energy levels are on the rise, although I still need a couple of hours sleep every afternoon. I feel like the second set of six weeks in my recovery will be like I had expected the first six weeks would be – just going gently and resting, having some creative time to myself. After the actual very challenging first six weeks I have had, now I feel like I’ve earned it!

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