Hello my lovely friends.

I have VERY GOOD NEWS!!! Have just received the pathology reports – ALL CLEAR. NO CANCER. NO FURTHER TREATMENT REQUIRED!!! As expected, but I can not tell you how relieved & happy I am to have it officially confirmed. All is well. My husband was with me when we received the news this morning from my surgeon. Hooray for that!!

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Unfortunately, the feel good factor from yesterday didn’t quite carry through to today, Sunday.

Sarah remained washed out and tired.

On the positive side, both doctors came by today to see her and continue to be very pleased with how her recovery is going – so that is very good news.

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Thanks for all your love


Thanks so much for all of your love and good wishes in the last day or so. I really do appreciate it so much. Still can’t quite believe it is happening but I suppose I will have accepted it by the time I get on to that hospital trolley.

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Life, love and loss …


Here’s the background on me, and why I have decided to go ahead with a preventative double mastectomy and breast reconstruction this week.

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LCIS (lobular carcinoma in situ)

More background material ….

While more women are having preventative double mastectomies when they find they have defective BRAC1 or BRAC2 genes, the reason for my mastectomies is different. I do not have either of these gene faults.

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My blog

I’ve decided to do a blog about my life right now,  because I am about to head into major surgery, and want to keep family and friends updated on my progress in coming months. I’ve been meaning to start a blog around my art, so this has given me the impetus to actually get one up and running.

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