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8 responses to “Follow this blog

  1. Michele Wittner

    Hi Sarah, Tony’s cuz Michele here. Lou has just forwarded me your latest blog. Your artwork is gorgeous and a joy to behold! I have just signed up to your blog and will look forward to your postings. All is, indeed, well! Warm regards, Mich.


  2. Cay

    So happy to have read your blog. I am 7 weeks from the same surgery, and thought that I could have written the blog myself. It is nice to know that I am not the only one to experience these same types of issues regarding the stomach and bloating. I told my husband today that I felt like someone had used a staple gun and attached something to my chest. I also keep asking myself,what was I thinking? I would not advise this type of reconstruction either. It was the worst thing. But I would have the mastectomies again.


    • Hi Cay
      I am so glad it helped you to read my blog! Thank you for commenting. It is so hard isn’t it? But I am really confident that we will BOTH be glad at the end of our healing, whenever that is. It is just a slow process – really slow! It will be worth it and we won’t have to worry about implants or replacements or further surgery again. Keep the faith. You are so early in your recovery. It does get better. Very slowly, but it does!
      Sending love to you


  3. Sarah richardson

    LOVE your art it’s so pretty so colourful and happy. I came across whilst searching Diep recon images I’m a 3 year bc survivor at the young age of 36. How delightful to find these beautiful images amongst the reconsideration photos . THANKYOU ×


    • Hi Sarah – For some reason I am only seeing your comment on my blog today. Thank you for your kind words. I hope your health and healing continue to improve. That is a lot to deal with at such a young age. I do wish you well – and sorry for the delay in acknowledging your lovely words! Sarah xx


  4. hally tomasheski

    Love your beautiful art work. What a gift.


    • Hi Hally
      Thanks for your kind words. Yes, my art has been a gift through such a stressful time. I think of it as a colourful and pretty version of meditation! It continues to bring me joy.
      All the best


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