Here comes the sun!

Today is the first day of Summer and I can not tell you how much I have been looking forward to this day almost all this year! Today I am FINALLY heading off for some rest and relaxation time in Queensland. First a few days with my husband and our lovely friends on a boat off Hamilton Island – YEAH!!!! I’ve been so looking forward to this trip. I’ve had a swimsuit hanging on the back of my bedroom door for months, just as a reminder to myself that sunny skies await after a long challenging year. I’ve stared at the back of that door through many tough mornings, lots of drowsy afternoons and plenty of dark nights too. I kept telling myself “it gets better!” And it has. I’m still not at the 100% fit and ready place that I thought I’d be. My stomach is really stiff and uncomfortable, so I’ve started some gentle stretching exersizes that will hopefully help with bringing back my strength and flexibility. But the worst is over and it’s onwards in to the sunshine for me!

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TA DA! Crossing the finish line


This time twelve weeks ago, I was still under anesthetic, part way through my L-O-N-G surgery and today officially marks the end of the recuperation period. Thank God for that! I am so bored of thinking about this topic that has been top of mind for almost all of this year.

To be honest, it’s not really “over”, there is still more healing to go. My scars have gone from red to plum and I suppose it will be a long time until they fade to match the rest of my skin. My stomach is numb from navel to scar line, and feels hard and way too tight (still) and my core strength has a long way to go. My breasts are solid mounds of numbness which is very strange, but they have softened up a bit since the surgery, so will just keep the faith that there’s LOTS more progress and healing yet to come there. I’ve also braved my first post surgery bra shop on the weekend, which was not as confronting as I’d expected (Rose at my local lingerie store was very helpful and reassuring – so I do recommend her to anyone in the same boat.) Another milestone ticked off!

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Letting go ….


I’ve now passed the ten week mark since my surgery. I have to say I am really getting so bored of even thinking about my body. (So I am sure many of you are bored of hearing about it!) I’m hoping soon to post about things other than my bosoms! Suffice to say, I am on the right track, but for those who are reading this to know what they might expect from a similar surgery, here’s the update:

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Postscript – re my lost nipple


I’m slowly coming to terms with this week’s development and loss. I really have been quite sad and rattled by losing my nipple. For the first time I’ve thought “enough already!” I think this is just about my tipping point, so I’m looking after myself so as I don’t go over the edge! I’ve had a number of cathartic long cries, done a bit of colourful drawing and received a few comforting hugs for good measure. I’m not happy about it but I will deal with it.

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