Hello my lovely friends.

I have VERY GOOD NEWS!!! Have just received the pathology reports – ALL CLEAR. NO CANCER. NO FURTHER TREATMENT REQUIRED!!! As expected, but I can not tell you how relieved & happy I am to have it officially confirmed. All is well. My husband was with me when we received the news this morning from my surgeon. Hooray for that!!

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…all the time…

Saw Sarah again tonight after work and her improvement continues very well.

Eating better, walking more and in a lot less pain.

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Sarah has improved a lot since last night which is a great relief for her.

She really wasn’t well and was feeling very flat and frustrated.

This morning when I arrived she looked much brighter and had spent about two hours sitting upright in the room chair. Even that is a great effort and will help things inside get going again.

I do think this time that the absolute worst has passed and looking back now it was a bit premature to think all would be reasonable only 3 or 4 days after the operation.

So day 5, good progress and a lot more light at the end of the tunnel.


and Holly too…


Tom by her side…


Unfortunately, the feel good factor from yesterday didn’t quite carry through to today, Sunday.

Sarah remained washed out and tired.

On the positive side, both doctors came by today to see her and continue to be very pleased with how her recovery is going – so that is very good news.

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Sarah spent most of the day in a continual drowsy, sleepy state.

Feeling all round was that it wasn’t great her being that way and although the pain killers were being reduced, there didn’t seem to be much change in her vitality.

However, things seemed to really improve right on about 7pm, halfway through my visit.

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As it was explained to us, yesterday and Thursday were the 2 most crucial days – and now here we are past that hurdle and hopefully now looking forward to some slightly more comfortable days for Sarah over the next 48 hours this weekend.

Doctors continue to be pleased with Sarah’s progress and both visited this morning.

Sarah continues to be super-tired but it has been decided to reduce the level of one of the pain killers that is contributing to the tiredness, so by this afternoon she may be feeling a little more spritely – relatively speaking of course.

Despite the tiredness, she is comfortable and making good progress.

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