From my husband’s point of view … (and mine too!)

Me in intensive care - v attractive!

Me in intensive care post surgery  – v attractive!

I read another woman’s blog the other day who had the same surgery as me, and she asked her husband how he felt about her surgery, a few months down the track. So,  sixteen weeks on, and mainly for others who are contemplating the same path, I thought I would put a few questions to my husband too, to give his viewpoint on these past few months:

Out with the old, in with the new


Sunbaking, Yarrawonga – circa 1980 something!


Holly’s last breastfeed – August 1993

My sentinel node is procedure now complete (that was no fun at all!) and bags are packed, ready to go for a 6.30 admission to hospital in the morning. Left breast covered with black marker and tape, to guide the surgeon for first incisions in the morning. I guess it’s official now .. I am a patient!

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Thanks for all your love


Thanks so much for all of your love and good wishes in the last day or so. I really do appreciate it so much. Still can’t quite believe it is happening but I suppose I will have accepted it by the time I get on to that hospital trolley.

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Life, love and loss …


Here’s the background on me, and why I have decided to go ahead with a preventative double mastectomy and breast reconstruction this week.

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LCIS (lobular carcinoma in situ)

More background material ….

While more women are having preventative double mastectomies when they find they have defective BRAC1 or BRAC2 genes, the reason for my mastectomies is different. I do not have either of these gene faults.

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DIEP breast reconstruction

This is a bit of a medical lesson for those that are interested …. Just in my own simple language so you will have to rely on google if anyone wants more detail or technical info!

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My blog

I’ve decided to do a blog about my life right now,  because I am about to head into major surgery, and want to keep family and friends updated on my progress in coming months. I’ve been meaning to start a blog around my art, so this has given me the impetus to actually get one up and running.

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