Sarah - August 2013

My name is Sarah Therese.  I am an artist living on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland in Australia. I am also the proud mother of two grown children, Holly and Tom.

So much has changed in my life since December 2011. In the following two years two of my dear sisters passed away, my much loved fashion boutiques closed down and I had surgery to remove and then reconstruct my breasts. (You can read more about my decision to undergo this operation here and how I felt about it here). This time brought me many gifts too. I have learnt more about myself and how to “do life” in a much calmer way. I am more accepting of change and have discovered a creative streak I never knew I had. I have made new friends, and feel an ongoing connection with my sisters up there in heaven. So it is not all bad!

Throughout this challenging time, my love of colour inspired me to paint. Being able to paint is a talent I never knew I had. I began exploring it after my beautiful sister Martha, passed away from breast cancer in 2011 at the age of 46.

Martha was also an artist. After she passed away, I discovered I have another thing in common with her – a high propensity for breast cancer. And so at the end of August 2013,  I underwent a preventative double mastectomy and reconstruction. While I was daunted by the surgery and recovery, I am grateful to have received the advance warning that Martha did not, so that now that all my breast tissue has been removed, I will never have to worry about breast cancer again.

I feel Martha with me every day, chatting, laughing and guiding me along, like the good sister she always was when she was alive. She was joined up there in heaven by our dear sister Lou, who sadly, took her own life,  aged 49, in July 2013. It has taken a long time to work through the sadness of their passing. Now I have two guardian angels looking over me every day. They helped me through the break up of my 26 year marriage in 2015, and my subsequent move to Queensland. It has been a rough few years but I am slowly coming to terms with it all now.

I currently make ceramics, paint and sell my art on Society6.  And why is it called “watermelonhearts”? Well because I believe that, just like a watermelon, inside everyone’s protective outer shell resides a sweet soft heart!

I hope my blog is helpful to those also facing their challenges, most especially women and those who support them as they face the same breast cancer challenges and surgery as I have done. It is a challenging path, but, with love and support, the outcome is positive. I hope it helps you too.

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  1. Tamara

    I happened to find your blog today and have read many of the posts. I am 9 days post op following a tram flap breast reconstruction and a reduction/lift on my remaining breast. It is good to read your postings and find that the stretching stomach feeling is normal. I have one drain remaining and looking forward to removal of it. I have had breast cancer twice and ended up with a mastectomy 8 years ago. It took that long for me to think about reconstruction. I think you were brave and proactive about your breast surgeries. Looking forward to more posts. Hugs. Ps, I am currently 54 yrs old.


    • Hi Tamara
      It is so gorgeous of you to leave this comment for me. I love knowing that my blog is helping other women get through similar scenarios. If you are nine days post op then at least you are past the worst of it! And hooray for getting rid of drains too. Poor you (understatement) having had breast cancer twice. YOU are the brave one. I really don’t think I could endure that treatment. Well done you and I hope you are happy with your final outcome. I am sure it must be better than having nothing at all so let’s celebrate that! Sending love for your ongoing healing Sarah xx


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