Time heals

black daisiesTwo years today since my double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery, so this is just a quick post on how my body is feeling now.

Overall, I have to say, I feel progress is being made. Very slowly, but very surely! My breasts feel much better. Fewer twinges, not so heavy and feel much softer – almost like the real deal! From the outside, you can barely see any breast scars and I am really pleased with the shape (thank you James!) The internal scarring and stiffness in my abdominal area is also improving. I’d say the denseness of the internal tissue feels less dense and about half the volume of what it was twelve months ago. Still feels tight, and often uncomfortable (but not painful), especially when I am tired or after a big meal, so I know there is more healing to go. The big scar across my lower abdomen is fading but visible. It’s hidden most of the time, so that is bearable. My breasts and most of my stomach area are still completely numb, and I am slowly coming to terms with that. It is all getting there!

I am surprised at how long this whole process is taking, and I am conscious of it all every day. On the other hand, I’m aware that I have had quite a few other things to deal with in my life at the same time, and that has taken its toll too. The mind and body can only deal with so much at once! I’m hopeful for other women that their healing would be faster than mine, because I suppose most won’t be recovering from a few other life traumas at the same time.

I’m just stepping quietly and gently forward, focusing on my art, confident that time will continue to heal me. I am proud of myself for going ahead with the surgery, and so relieved that I have not had to deal with cancer and the confronting treatments for that. Yes, I am glad I made the decision I did and grateful for the skillful work of my surgeons.



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  1. Maryanne Mooney

    Love your posts 🙏💓

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