Peace for our Lou

rose petal image

Today I am up in Sunshine Beach with my sister Bec, thinking of our beautiful Lou, who left this life two years ago today. It is a rainy old day, and we can feel Lou saying “No rush, just go gently, stay inside and rest, have long chats and good laughs together”, just as we both used to do with her, our special sister and dear friend.

To honour Lou today, I am sharing some of her photography, taken in her beloved Bali, and one of her beautiful, gentle poems.

Rest in peace Lou-la. We love feeling you with us every day, sending and receiving warm and gentle sisterly love.


How could she stop them ?

Stop them from wanting more

Saying more

Asking more

Demanding more

Giving more

More time

More attention

More energy

A Balinese community came to mind

They had a day

One day of noise making

For a full day

Everyone made a din

With instruments and utensils

On saucepans

Sticks on sticks

Aggressive inarticulate noise making

For one day

One full day of stopping to release all

Together as one

One community of shared frustration

Releasing it all

The stopping

Stopping and allowing the silence

One full day of silence

Silent stillness

Silent quietude

Silent ease

Silent new beginning

Lie on your back

Look up at the stars



Peace be within you

May your mind turn to support you


Peace be within you


That’s enough now


Peace be within you

Let it be

A fertile empty field

Rich dark soil

Tender green shoots

Being careful now

Careful of one’s self

Careful of others


Peace be within you

Be kind to you

That’s enough now


Peace be within your soul

Your heart

Your body


7 responses to “Peace for our Lou

  1. Luke Bailey

    I will say a pray here in Bali. Love to you both. Go gently.

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Luke bailey Wong

    Being here in Bali I can fully understand why this special place resonated with her. When you escape the noise of the tourists and sit up in the mountains you experience a culture that is graceful, gentle, wise and beautiful. Like dear Lou . sending love from the Balinese hilltops xoxo

    Sent from my iPad



  3. Maryanne Mooney

    What a beautiful poem Sarah and your words were just as beautiful. xxx


  4. julia

    Thanks Sarah,

    I have taken a few web snapshots of the petal photos your sister took in Bali and am planning to have them framed for one of my sisters who has breast cancer. I like the composition and the pink breast cancer link. Would that be ok?

    kind regards



    • Hi Julia
      How lovely and respectful you are to ask if you can use Lou’s photo. I am sure she would be delighted to think that it might bring some joy and comfort to your sister. What a beautiful idea. I think Lou would be honoured by you framing her photo for your sister. I do send you both good wishes through this challenging time too.
      Thank you for your consideration in asking if you could use the image. I do appreciate it.
      With love


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