My life is a movie (and yours is one too!)

follow your heartWhen I started this blog last year, it was really to keep family and friends updated on my progress through my breast surgery and recovery, with a view to using it in future for my possible art business. As time has gone on, the thing that I really love is when my blog helps someone else. I have received quite a number of comments and emails from other women, who have been through, or will be going through the same breast reconstruction, and they tell me it has helped to hear of my experience too.

With that in mind, today I want to share something that has really helped me in a broader sense over the last few years, through the loss of my two sisters, my business and my breast surgery and recovery. I have had plenty of time to have a good think about my life to date, and how I would like it to be going forward. I have started to see things in a whole new way. I have developed a “life philosophy” of sorts that really helps me make sense of things, to live in the moment more and not to worry so much. I call it “My life is a movie”. It’s a bit out there, but it works for me, and I hope it resonates with (and helps!) even one other person reading this post. For the record, here’s what I now believe life is all about (aka “the meaning of life” according to Sarah – haha!)

As I’ve said before, I am not a religious person. I was brought up as a Catholic. I know organised religion is a strong and supportive cornerstone of many others’ lives, but all of the “rules” of being a Catholic really did not appeal to me. There were so many ways to be “wrong”! The rules for the most part, seemed more harsh and restrictive than loving and supportive. I don’t know much about religion, but I do think at their core, that religions based on love are all just like different brands of airline to the same destination anyway, it’s just which one you are born in to or resonates with you. I have always had a belief that yes, there is a God. I’d pray to him in a simple way, usually when I was worrying and asking for help for someone else, like my sister, Martha. I said many, many prayers of “please God, look after Martha”, during her long battle with breast cancer. But that’s about it. Going to church, following the rules, really were not my thing, albeit that I could see that the “rules” were based on sound principals of loving each other and being our best selves.

Since Martha passed away almost three years ago, I’ve really come to believe that we are all just spirits, living in our respective bodies. I believe that my sisters Martha and Lou have left their bodies, sooner than we had all wanted, but they are still floating around with us all, guiding us along, helping us to feel good about ourselves. I think that our experience on earth is just one of a number of lifetimes we will have here, just like actors being cast in a movie. We can play different roles, in different movies, and each time, we learn a little more about life. I believe that, as spirits, we choose each role, or life, before we are born. Kind of like an actor would consider different roles before choosing which movie they’d like to star in next. I think we are given different scripts to consider by God. We might choose a challenging role, if we felt we were up for it or an easier one if we were exhausted by our last movie. But in each one, God will make sure we have the opportunity to learn good things for our soul’s development and this builds on the knowledge we might have learned in our last life.

When we are born, I believe that we lose all knowledge of the role we have chosen. I know that Plato wrote about the “the river of forgetfulness”, where souls forget about their past lives before they reincarnate into the next one. I think we forget about the “script” we have chosen for our next life at this point too. But throughout our lives, somewhere deep inside ourselves, we will know the broad outline of what is right for us and what we have learned in past lives. That’s our “gut feel” or intuition, that tells us when things feel right, for no rational reason, other than just a good (or bad) vibe. I am right into “trusting my vibe”! The more I do it, the more things work out right for me, in big and small ways.

I think it is a bit like that TV show, “Thank God you’re here!”. In it, actors are thrust through a door into an “improv” scene, where they have to work out where they are and what their role is in it. It might be a christening or a car accident or a classroom – they just have to work out what role they are meant to be playing and run with it. It’s not up to them to change the scene or anyone else’s role. Their job is to just tune in and make the best of it. And I believe that’s what life is like for us. God has already determined the important things that are going to happen in our lives. There’s no point in fighting them or arguing about it. If your sister has died, your sister has died, you just have to deal with it the best way you can. If you are meant to marry/ have kids/ buy a house/ have a certain job, then it will happen. You just have to listen to your own wise heart to know which way to go, find out what makes you happy and then do everything you can to give it the best chance of happening. If it is meant to happen, then it will. Take responsibility for your own life and your own actions. And don’t be too proud to ask for help. You just have to keep heading in the direction your heart tells you to go, keep learning and growing and one day the right door will open for you to end up where you are meant to be.

There’s also no point in wishing you were given another role in life. You have chosen your role sometime in the past, so don’t complain if you are not a rock star or Barack Obama or Kate Middleton – they are not your roles! You just live your best life. Others are just making the best of their roles too and we don’t know really what it is like to be anyone but ourselves. That’s what it’s all about. Being your best you. Being brave. Being kind. Making a difference. Being honest, with yourself and others. These are the things we will be judged on at the end of our lives. God will review our lives with us and see how we measured up. He certainly won’t care how much “stuff” we have accumulated, or how much money we have in the bank. He will ask us things like “Did you make the best of your life and the gifts I gave you? Were you true to yourself? Did you live fully and love fully? Did you know when to let go of the things that were not meant for you? Were you kind? Were you brave? Did you make a difference to others? Most importantly, how much joy did you bring (or take away) in your thoughts, words or actions?” This is what will count in the truthful gentle fearless

I think one of the main ways we are meant to make a difference to others is, with those of us cast as parents, have we raised the best children we possibly could? Have we loved them and nurtured them and helped them to believe in themselves? The same could apply to our colleagues, our neighbors, our clients or customers, our friends, our family…. because none of us are islands, and we are here not just for ourselves, but to help others be their best selves too. Have we had compassion for others that have been cast in less fortunate, more challenging roles than ours? Of course there is a balance, and our first responsibility is to love and nurture ourselves, but we all need to do our bit, in big ways and small. Dig deep and do the right thing. “Sometimes you just have to put yourself out”, as Mum always used to say to us!

I also believe that God gives us everything we need to make the best of our lives. Our job is to make the best of our talents and all that we are given. We should be grateful, as I am, when we are cast in a role with a roof over our heads, a warm bed, good health, plenty of food on our tables and loving people around us. I often think, “there but for the grace of God go I” that I don’t live on the streets of Calcutta or in a war zone. I think we are meant to have compassion and offer support when we come across others in more challenging roles. Because we all will be given our life challenges. And that is when we will learn the most about ourselves. We probably won’t like the challenges when we are in them, but if we know some good will come of it, then it does help. I’ve come to this conclusion over the past few years through reading, thinking and chatting with like minded people. I believe that everyone is in our lives for a reason – to teach us, perhaps to support us or inspire us, or even to show us how NOT to behave. I am so grateful for the people who have provided me with love, support and food for thought throughout my challenges. Thank you God for casting all of them in the movie of my life!

So, that in a nutshell, is my life theory of what we are here for, and what it all means. Try it for yourself! When you look at life this way, it helps you to let go of worrying too much about everyone else. Yes, you can have compassion, but you don’t do your head in with worry (like I used to do about Martha!) when others have their challenges. You just have to do what you can to help, whilst also keeping things in perspective in your own life. If people are nasty, you can just think, well that’s sad for them, and keep your distance a little. Stand up for yourself, and try to associate with people who are going to help you be your best YOU. Work out what is your life purpose, what your own true heart is telling you to do, and go be that best YOU. Finding quiet space every day really helps you to reflect and keep on track with what your heart is saying. Have your goals, pursue them, give it your best shot! And turn up each day with an open heart and mind, because you never know what God is going to throw at you.

I hope that helps at least one person. It has really worked for me! At the end of the day, I just have to do my best, and let God take care of the rest.

I love hearing feedback, so don’t be shy and please do post a comment if this resonated with you too.

With love


16 responses to “My life is a movie (and yours is one too!)

  1. Viki Edwards

    Hi Sarah,

    That post is fantastic!! I have a lot of the same thoughts and have also taken a lot from this.

    Thanks for posting!

    Vik xx


    • Hi Vik – lovely to know we are on the same wavelength! Of course I am thinking of Rodney, and all of you, with this post. He has chosen a very brave role in his movie, that’s for sure! Sending love to all the family and good vibes for his ongoing recovery. Sarah xx


  2. Michele Wittner

    Hi Sarah, Wonderful to read your thoughts! I do agree. Each of us writes our own script and directs our own full length feature movie. Here’s a link to another creator I think you may enjoy. Her book “E Squared” has been life-changing for me and just enormous fun working through the energy experiments.


  3. Suzie Boyd

    Dear S

    When I ended up my whole life philosophy changed. Some of your thoughts I instantly related to. Other I need to re-read and give more thought in relation to my life choices.

    Your blog was interesting and easy to read (yes, I wasn’t properly signed up which is why you didn’t get my messages during your hospital stay!!!)


    Suzie xxx

    Sent from my iPad



    • Well Miss Suzie Boyd, I just need to say that you must be one of the bravest people I know, to have “chosen” the challenges you are enduring at the moment – you are amazing! Clearly we both chose roles in the same big movie, our paths have overlapped so often! Sending much love to you, and strength for you to get out of that hospital and start the next wonderful chapter of your own special life. Big (gentle!) hug xxoo


  4. Bec Armstrong (Sarah's youngest sister)

    Dear Sar,
    As we know I’m not unfamiliar with your thoughts after sharing lots with me especially over the last few years but you have beautifully written so much in this post (and I hope it helps someone too). Martha and Lou have taught us much, and of course our beautiful Mum’s always kind heart must be imbedded within each of us. We never know what each day will bring but the ‘sliding doors’ will keep opening…
    Lots of love always Bec xx


  5. laurentide16

    Oh Sarah, You are amazing ! Such a talent on so many levels ! This piece of writing is awe-inspiring ! I feel exactly the same way, and have recently been telling my girls when the going gets tough to think of your life as a movie… it some how makes sense and pushed you through. I loved reading it, and will bookmark it to bring out, as a reminder, whenever needed.

    I’m so lucky that our respective movies have crossed over !

    Well done you…. so inspirational !

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

    Much love Sal x


    • Thanks so much for your lovely thoughts, Sal. I love that you are in my movie too! It’s no wonder we sat next to each other on that first day of class. We just have to keep the connection going next year, when class is finished. I don’t think we are done yet! Love having you on my creative cheer squad and am looking forward to seeing where you end up with all of YOUR amazing talent xxo


  6. Paula Bailey

    Great blog Sare. I remember talking to you about this (especially re intuition) in Sydney. That familiar feeling you get as if you had been there before. Or that strong nagging feeling telling you which way to go or what to do. You might listen to that gut feeling and respond to it even if you have no idea why. But you trust it and do what the universe is asking of you. Then it all makes sense. “oh shit that’s why I needed to do that” .And then you thank God , the universe and the lovely Martha and Lou. Love you,


  7. Luke Bailey

    I feel one of lives greatest gifts is the rich learnings of having your heart broken. It seems to shatter all conceptions of what we thought was so important and creates the space for new possibilities .Thank-you for sharing your of heart, your art, and your words of wisdom. It takes courage . It takes spirit. In the end I feel its the richness of our spirit and the courage of our heart is what really matters. Our sisters and darling Jade have definitely helped affirm that. It’s been beautiful walking with you seeing new perspectives. xoxoxo


    • Well really this is a family love fest – and if that is all Martha & Lou ever achieve I think they will be v happy! It is those quiet ones that make the difference it seems, including, of course, your beautiful Jadey. I think the really starring role of your life is yet to come Lucas. You have walked such a challenging path so far, but I think we will be really seeing the best of you in coming scenes. I am watching your movie to see what happens in the years ahead with your rich spirit and courageous heart. My vibe tells me it is going to be riveting and that you are going to be making a HUGE difference to the world at large. We ain’t seen nothing yet! xxoo


  8. Hi Sarah, i just now found your kind comment about my little elephant. Thank you very much, I’m glad you liked him too 🙂
    The competition was pretty fierce, so he didn’t make it to the next round, but that’s all right. I think I will print a batch of postcards with him just for fun.
    Best, Tatjana


    • Tatjana, I have so say that I was shocked not to see you in the final six – takes all kinds I suppose! I liked your art best anyway, and looks like you are a successful artist already, just not the right one for that competition. Well done on some great work. I am sure your success will be found in other fields more suitable for you. xx


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