Learning and growing

photo[25]This year I am studying Surface Design at the International School of Colour and Design here in Sydney, and I am learning so much! The course teaches the technical aspects of how to create your art so that it can be applied to surfaces and products. I am loving it! So far we have created designs for tea towels, swimwear fabric, bedlinen and currently, patterns for the outer surface of candles.

One of the things I love about the class is seeing each different person’s interpretation of the same brief. I am always interested to see all the variety styles that are presented, each one representing the artist’s “look”. It is lovely to see the range of unique handwriting for the same assignment.

The other thing I really enjoy is the learning in itself, about the whole realm of art. There is always more to learn – a new technique, a new medium to try, some new design feature to learn on the computer. I think that most of us go through life believing that once we have finished school and any tertiary education, that we are “done” with learning. It has been such a delight to rediscover the joy of learning as an adult in these past few years, especially about something that I really love.photo[23]

Some artists enjoy creating their whole design on Illustrator (the computer software most Surface Designers use). While I appreciate the amazing things a computer can do, for me, there is no getting away from the joy of creating something by hand. Seeing the colours come out on the page, and blending them to create new hues is a big part of the JOY I find in my art. There is something about it being “hand made by humans” that makes it special to me – both in the creating and the look of the final artwork.

learnandgrowThis weekend I have submitted an assignment in a Global Talent Search, in a competition run by an artist’s agent based in the USA. Thousands of artists and designers have registered to submit their art. The assignment brief was to create some “wall art” (ie: printed art to be hung on a wall), with the subject being “Little Terrariums”. It has taken so much time over the past couple of weeks to research the topic and then refine my techniques to come up with something I am happy with. The art requires some words on it, so my theme became inspired by my renewed love of learning – about life in these past few years, and about art too. The art could be for an adult or child, so I had my 5 year old niece, Ziggy, in mind as I made it look pretty – she is about to start school this week in Los Angeles. I figure encouragement to develop a life long love of learning would be a good start for her!

So wish me luck and send some good vibes to the judges for me to make the first round of 50 artists. Can’t tell you how happy that would make me!  It’s a (very) long shot, but you’ve got to be in it to win it! And if I don’t make the cut it has been a fantastic learning experience in itself. But I will be looking forward to hearing whether I’ve made the grade all the same.

10552602_292766367563477_2361350195985770420_n-1Also, some of my original art has been accepted into the Kings School Art Show here in Sydney, along with some of my sister Paula’s, so I have fingers crossed for some success at that exhibition too next weekend.

These are the things that make me happy these days – making something pretty and then sharing that joy with others. I REALLY want to make a business of this for myself so I’m giving it my best shot! I’ve finally set up a website for my art this weekend too, so at last I have one place to show my art, and link all of the social media together too. Slowly but surely I am getting there!

Love to all (it is so nice NOT to be posting about my bosoms for a change!)



4 responses to “Learning and growing

  1. Hi Sarah,

    Good to hear you sounding so much better.

    I just looked at your website and I love, love, love your work!! My personal favourites are ‘Jade’s Window’ and ‘Beyond the Pink Gate’.

    Keep up the good work.

    With love, Shirley



    • Hi Shirley Thanks for your encouraging comments. Yes I love those two paintings too. I really will have to get back to my watercolour painting soon. This year seems to have been all about drawing for me – seems to work better for my surface designs. Hope all well at your end. Sarah xx


  2. Hi Creative Sarah,

    I am so excited for you. Your art work is beautiful and the course sounds fantastic. Good luck with your entry in the US. Xxx

    Have fun. Xxx

    Love Sundari xxx

    Sent from my iPhone



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