All good!

Just reporting in that all is well! I’m sitting up in my “airy, light filled room”, just as requested. Thank you God!

It was confronting going through each step of the pre surgery procedure early yesterday morning. Funny how your brain just blocks traumatic experiences out, and then gets triggered as each little reminder turns up! So I was a bit teary when I came round the corner & saw those pre op beds. And again when those pre med lines were being inserted (“Ohhhhh no! Not again!), but on the whole kept it together okay. Plenty of deep breaths!

This hospital is so much quieter & brighter again than St V’s so I am loving that. Didn’t sleep much last night, just dozed, so I will be resting most of today.

James has just been in to see me this morning and he’s happy with everything. I’ve had my drip & oxygen tubes removed – yeah! Then a quick sponge bath and into my own nightshirt – superb. Dosed up with pain killers and am feeling fine, all things considered!

Thanks so much for all the love and prayers sent my way – they are working! 😊


8 responses to “All good!

  1. Louise

    THANK GOD is right – on so many levels. Sarah – you continue to produce miracles. You’ll have all this behind you in no time, and the future is very bright. For now, it’s your time to rest and give yourself the gift of rest, relax, restore. Thank you James for taking good care and doing your best work:) Much love and hugs to you over there at Saint Lukes a much lighter, brighter and more uplifting environment for you – but you’ll be home very soon I’m sure.


  2. Rebecca Armstrong

    Dear Sar, well done you.
    And now for a good nights sleep, to get that body healing.
    Lots of love and a gentle hug,
    Sleep well love Bec xx


  3. Hi Creative Sarah,

    Sending you lots of healing energy.

    Love and Blessings, Sundari xxxx Sent from my iPhone



  4. Kate Ratliff

    Beautiful Sarah,
    Yes you are so brave.
    Just love you and your sheer honesty.
    Love always,
    Kate Ratliff x


    • Thanks Kate. I was thinking yesterday that the best thing about this whole experience is knowing that Martha and Lou will always be with me, especially when going through my challenges. So really, there is nothing at all to be afraid of in life. They will always help us through! Love to you xx


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