My lovely mum

This past weekend has been pretty special. We celebrated Mum’s recent 80th birthday in country Victoria at Healesville. All of Mum’s children and almost all of her grandchildren were there, as well as our husbands, and including, as extra special guests, my brother Luke and his middle daughter, all the way from New York. It is the first time four year old Ziggy has been to Australia, so we took great delight in introducing her to kangaroos and koalas in the local wildlife sanctuary there. (And personally, I loved being able to do some colouring in with my creative little niece and god daughter – we share a passion for drawing, colour, pretty things, flowers, hearts and butterflies!)

On Saturday night we had a big dinner, with beautiful speeches from Mum and Luke, and presented her with a book of “80+ things we love about you”, with messages and photos from extended family and friends. It was really wonderful to celebrate Mum in this way. Recent events have really highlighted to us the importance of celebrating special people at every opportunity, and my Mum is pretty special! Warm, loving, kind, stylish, sensitive, creative, wise, supportive, friendly, chatty, nurturing … these few words only just begin to describe who Mum is to us, and so many other people she has drawn to her. Mum has shown us, among many things, how to be a good friend, how to communicate, how to look for the best in people, and how to reach out to others to lend a hand. All in all, an amazing woman!


At the end of the dinner we played this little movie I put together from some old home videos, showing Martha and Lou with us at various family functions, including my, and sister Bec’s weddings. We love keeping their memories alive, especially at important occasions such as this – they know how to make their presences felt!



Mum tells us she feels very well celebrated, so it was a successful and happy event all round. I know Mum is much loved by many so I thought a few of you would like to share in this celebration too (and some of you might even spot yourself in there too!).





4 responses to “My lovely mum

  1. Anna McGoldrick

    Thank you Sarah, beautifully said and yes your mum is a remarkable lady and thanks for the beautiful images of Lou and Martha. Anna xo


  2. Maree and Lou Paykel

    Jan, and everybody else, how much you all deserved such a happy day–and how better to mark it, with such a milestone in the ‘birthday stakes’—Jan with the picture/1000 words belief, we ‘read’ that it was a great gathering for all, young and (not so0 old!!!
    With love from Maree and Lou


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