Slowly and steadily – we can rebuild!

butterfly w quote JPEGEight months today and counting since my surgery. Progress continues, slow and steady.


There have been no radical changes in the past month, but I do feel like I am inching along in the right direction. As well as taking the Gotu Kola capsules daily, Bas, the lovely man who does my lymphatic drainage massages, is also a naturopath and has made me up an ointment with Gotu Kola, Vitamin E, zinc and primrose oil in it. It seems like my scars are slowly fading with twice daily applications of that. While I am still very conscious every day of my uncomfortable stiff, numb stomach and sensationless but softening breasts, it feels like my old body is becoming accustomed to the new bits. The old is accepting and integrating with the new!

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My lovely mum

This past weekend has been pretty special. We celebrated Mum’s recent 80th birthday in country Victoria at Healesville. All of Mum’s children and almost all of her grandchildren were there, as well as our husbands, and including, as extra special guests, my brother Luke and his middle daughter, all the way from New York. It is the first time four year old Ziggy has been to Australia, so we took great delight in introducing her to kangaroos and koalas in the local wildlife sanctuary there. (And personally, I loved being able to do some colouring in with my creative little niece and god daughter – we share a passion for drawing, colour, pretty things, flowers, hearts and butterflies!)

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