A touch of the miraculous …

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This is just a quick post for my breast surgery followers … I want to share the GOOD news about some treatments that seem to be working for me.

Firstly, the lymphatic drainage massage is really working! Take a look at the (v glamorous – not!) pic of me this morning, compared to just over three weeks ago – see how my distended belly  has deflated? Not so “barrel like” any more. It is still stiff – it feels like someone has embedded a small Frisbee in my lower abdomen and stitched it back up again sometimes – but that horrible stretched feeling, that I’ve had for months now, has gone in just a few short weeks. Hooray for lymphatic drainage massages, and the lovely man, Bas, who does mine. I really feel like it has made a big difference in a short space of time. I will be continuing to have this treatment every few weeks for most of this year, just to keep it all flowing. And hopefully the treatment will break up the scar tissue internally too, which will stop it feeling so stiff and uncomfortable. We are off to a good start!

I also read some women’s stories post TRAM surgery in a book on breast reconstruction with one woman saying:
“My abdomen feels stretched all the time, like a tightly pulled rubber band. If I gain 2 pounds I know it and it is an odd feeling. I don’t know if it will ever go away. Someone suggested that I dwell on it too much. However, you can’t understand how it feels to be stretched constantly. I asked the breast surgeon about it. He explained that my abdominal skin is not very elastic because I was never much over-weight and my skin just doesn’t stretch. So I really have to watch my weight, which is not such a bad thing”

Yes I can relate to all of that, and it makes sense for me too.

I also feel like the acupuncture and moxa (heat treatment) is stimulating the circulation in my stomach, so the numb zone in my stomach should start shrinking too. I am feeling lots of little nerve “sparks” around the edge of that zone which I hope are new nerve endings growing in there.

The other good treatment I have just discovered is a medical gel called Kelo-cote which seems to be doing some wonderful things on my stomach scar – softening it up and making it less red. I have only been using it a few days but already I can see it is doing some good. I read some online reviews that rave about it saying it is better than Bio Oil or any other treatments, so that seems to be the way too.

Anyway, I feel like it is headed in the right direction so just wanted to share in case these treatments help anyone else with the same condition.

Enjoy your weekends


4 responses to “A touch of the miraculous …

  1. Bec Armstrong

    Super duper. Great to hear. Love Bec x


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