A party in the sky – Lou at 50

Lou on the day of Bec's wedding 2000

Lou on the day of Bec’s wedding 2000

Today our dear Lou turns fifty and I’m quite sure she is having a party in the sky with Martha to celebrate. We will all be remembering Lou and the accomplished person that she was in so many ways – an architect, a world traveller, a teacher, a writer, a poet, a kind heart. Lou had different connections with so many people and I’m sure she would be humbled to know how dearly loved and well remembered she is.

Her birthday is filled with such a mix of emotions for me – gratitude for the many lovely times that we shared as sisters and friends, along with sadness for all of the time we have lost to be with her – to laugh, to hug, to chat and share so much more of life together. At the same time, it is comforting to know that Lou is up there in heaven with Martha, celebrating as only she knows how – having a dance maybe?! Lou loved to dance, and laugh. I’m glad she can now express all of who she truly is up there, surrounded by love, and be at peace.

Happy birthday darling Lou. We will have a party in our hearts to celebrate you and all that you are to us, feeling you alongside, each of us celebrating you in our own way.

Much love to you always Lou, forever in our hearts



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4 responses to “A party in the sky – Lou at 50

  1. Louise

    Sarah how proud will Lou be today. And, she has much to celebrate. To have accomplished so much in a short life span really is extraordinary. An architect, a world traveller, a teacher, a writer, a poet, a kind heart. And, I’m sure she can also be proud of being a wonderful sister, friend, daughter, cousin, granddaughter, and colleague, mentor ~ really the list goes on. All we can do is believe in our hearts that Lou and Martha are having the best ever 50th celebrations together. Oh what a party that will be. I have a peace candle burning brightly for Lou & you and your family. May Lou know how much you all loved her.


  2. Bec Armstrong

    Remembering all good memories of Lou today,
    with love always Bec xx


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