A tender heart – remembering Lou


Lou with me at my wedding –  a good sister & friend

Today is the six month anniversary of the day that Lou left us, so it’s one of quiet reflection for me, my family and her dear friends, remembering Lou and the special person that she was to each of us.

I was thinking about Lou last night, and our final long conversation together. I remembered how I was telling her how devastated I’d felt after Martha left, for such a very long time. So many days and nights of tears for my loss. So I said to Lou, “I was such a sook”. And Lou said gently, “Oh no! Not a sook. Don’t call yourself that. You were sad. There’s got to be a better word than ‘sook’. Use a different word. You are not a sook, you are …. tender”.

Such a loving gentle soul Lou was, it made me smile, remembering that. So gorgeous. Yes, “tender”. We are all tender hearted. We just need to have the courage to reveal our tender hearts to each other more often. I will always be so grateful for my final day and night and long, honest, tender conversation with Lou, just a few short weeks before she passed away.

Here’s a note I found in her apartment after she had gone. I think it is the same sentiment she would leave with us all today:

photo[204]Wishing you peace within your heart and soul (and with others).

Wishing me wisdom from within my heart and soul.

Each in their own timing, rhythm and way.

Each in their own right.

With freedom of mind.

I am at peace.

I have done my best.


(Mary Lou)

So today I am remembering Lou and her tender, precious heart, and giving thanks for the time we had together, as sisters and as friends. Please join me in saying a little prayer of thanks for her.

God bless you Lou. I know you are happy and peaceful at last, up there in the sky.

4 responses to “A tender heart – remembering Lou

  1. Kate Ratliff

    So beautifully written Sarah.
    You also are so gentle and tender, and dearly loved.
    Love always,
    Kate Ratliff x


  2. Bec Armstrong

    Beautiful post Sarah.
    Lovely Lou, we will always remember the good times with you. We love you and are so sad you are no longer with us. Love always Bec xx


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