A special birthday

Sunshine Beach this morning (compliments of Bec!)

Sunshine Beach this morning (compliments of Bec!)

Happy new year to all of you reading my blog – the start of a year in which I’ll be looking for the “icing” and positives, celebrating the good times and going gently and carefully through any challenging times. All is well!

Today is special to my family not only because it is New Year’s Day, but also because it is Martha’s, and her twin brother, Luke’s birthday. I think they’ve never liked celebrating their birthday on the morning after everyone else has exhausted themselves partying the night before, but I do think it is a lovely day for their birthday. Time to reflect on successes from the year before, and time to make plans for good things to be achieved in the new year ahead too. That’s what I will be doing in coming days, making a careful plan for all of my intentions for the year – there will be art and cashmere and love and laughter in there for sure!

picture.jpegSo happy birthday to Martha and Luke, 49 years since their birth today. Martha up in heaven now, looking after all of us, like the good sister that she is. I’m lighting a candle for Martha here at Mt Martha, our family holiday place by the sea for many decades, and younger sister Bec is up in Sunshine Beach, honoring them both up there with a dawn walk this morning. All of us celebrating our special sister wherever we happen to be (and sending love to our lovely brother in New York too!)

With lots of good wishes for a happy and positive new year to all of you



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