A party in the sky – Lou at 50

Lou on the day of Bec's wedding 2000

Lou on the day of Bec’s wedding 2000

Today our dear Lou turns fifty and I’m quite sure she is having a party in the sky with Martha to celebrate. We will all be remembering Lou and the accomplished person that she was in so many ways – an architect, a world traveller, a teacher, a writer, a poet, a kind heart. Lou had different connections with so many people and I’m sure she would be humbled to know how dearly loved and well remembered she is.

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The naked truth – five months on

Me - post surgery, 5 months on

It’s now almost five months since my surgery, so this is an update for those women who want to know more about this “muscle sparing TRAM” reconstruction procedure that I’ve had, following my preventative double mastectomy. I figure this is the type of info I would have liked pre-surgery and it’s reassuring to be able to compare notes with others during recovery too, so here it is …

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A tender heart – remembering Lou


Lou with me at my wedding –  a good sister & friend

Today is the six month anniversary of the day that Lou left us, so it’s one of quiet reflection for me, my family and her dear friends, remembering Lou and the special person that she was to each of us.

I was thinking about Lou last night, and our final long conversation together. I remembered how I was telling her how devastated I’d felt after Martha left, for such a very long time. So many days and nights of tears for my loss. So I said to Lou, “I was such a sook”. And Lou said gently, “Oh no! Not a sook. Don’t call yourself that. You were sad. There’s got to be a better word than ‘sook’. Use a different word. You are not a sook, you are …. tender”.

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A special birthday

Sunshine Beach this morning (compliments of Bec!)

Sunshine Beach this morning (compliments of Bec!)

Happy new year to all of you reading my blog – the start of a year in which I’ll be looking for the “icing” and positives, celebrating the good times and going gently and carefully through any challenging times. All is well!

Today is special to my family not only because it is New Year’s Day, but also because it is Martha’s, and her twin brother, Luke’s birthday. I think they’ve never liked celebrating their birthday on the morning after everyone else has exhausted themselves partying the night before, but I do think it is a lovely day for their birthday. Time to reflect on successes from the year before, and time to make plans for good things to be achieved in the new year ahead too. That’s what I will be doing in coming days, making a careful plan for all of my intentions for the year – there will be art and cashmere and love and laughter in there for sure! Continue reading

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