Martha’s party in the sky

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This time two years ago, our beautiful sister, daughter and friend Martha passed away. She was such a beautiful, special and courageous person. Not perfect, none of us are. But really so inspirational in how she lived her life, true to her creative self from beginning to end, and bravely enduring ten years of cancer treatment with good grace and humor.

Go Marts! I am so proud to be your sister and friend. Thank you for walking alongside me and holding my hand, every day since you have gone. I am sorry for the pain you endured and will always be so grateful for all of your gifts to me, for opening me up to a whole new way of living and seeing things. You are magic!

A few days after Martha left us, we held a celebration of her life, up in Noosa with family and friends. As it happened, that night was a “pink moon” – an eclipse. The sunset was magnificent and there were some amazing storms in those days after she passed away. Martha’s friend Doris said to me, it’s just like Martha is having a “party in the sky”, which was one of Doris’s son’s childhood books about not being afraid of storms. So on every one of Martha’s anniversaries, every 7th of every month, Doris and I say “Happy party in the sky Marts!” I do think Martha is having a party up there. No more pain, and watching over all of us. You deserve it Martha – enjoy and be happy and take good care of our Lou. We know you are!

Please join us in thinking of Martha today, and celebrating all good things about her. We are so grateful too for all the people who loved and supported her throughout her life – thank you!

Here is the clip I made to celebrate her life – yes Martha, we know, all you need is love! And I will always carry you in my heart.

2 responses to “Martha’s party in the sky

  1. Sue Story

    Dearest Sarah,

    I am remembering beautiful Martha today.
    It was such a special time and an absolute privilege to be able to share moments and experiences with her.
    My love to you, your Mum and family especially today.
    Terry and I often speak of Martha….she taught us so much.
    I think of her every time I enjoy vanilla bean ice cream, which is often!

    Thank you for the video, tears of sadness watching it, but happiness also knowing Martha is having that ‘party in the sky’…..I can almost hear the laughter.

    With bundles of hugs,
    Sue xx


    • Oh Sue what a lovely comment – Martha was so privileged to have spent time with all of you at Katie Rose in those final months. We ALL were! Martha always used to say “the universe delivers” and so it did with all of you there looking after her with loving care in that special place.
      With loads of love and gratitude to you and Terry from me in Noosa with a vanilla bean candle burning (seriously!) for Martha


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