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As the year draws to a close, I’ve been thinking about how significant and eventful it has been for me, and that despite the challenges, there have been many things for me to be grateful for too.

I bought this card to go with a gift for someone today. I think that sentiment just about sums it up – even though you have your challenges in life, there is always some icing to be found! The gift I gave the card with was a book I have bought before, called 365 Grateful. Continue reading

Joy at Christmas

I’ve not posted a video to this blog before so I don’t know if this will work, but thought I’d try and share this gorgeous clip sent to me by my brother Luke this morning. He lives in New York with his wife Mel, and their three girls.

I will readily admit that I’m quite besotted with their daughters. Aged 6, 4 and 2, it is always a delight to spend time with them. Ziggy, the middle daughter, is my god daughter and she features in this clip with her younger sister Charlie. Beautiful children. I hope this clip gives you a smile too.

Joy at Christmas indeed!

Christmas … and four months post surgery update

Anna, me and Paula

Anna, me and Paula at the Christmas table

Hope this finds everyone happy with their Christmas celebrations. We had a lovely time, joined by my two sisters, Anna and Paula. And of course, Martha and Lou were watching over all of us, wherever we happened to be!

On Christmas night I was so exhausted, it felt like a wave of fatigue had hit me like a truck! Clearly I’m still not up for a lot of running around and it was another reminder post surgery that “it ain’t over yet!” I went to see James, my surgeon last Friday for a final check up, and he reinforced this too. Continue reading

Sending love for a joy filled Christmas


Here’s a shot of our house at the moment – I have been smiling because it’s my Jewish husband who has so beautifully decorated the house and bought the tree!  Meantime he has a Catholic baptised wife, daughter and son, who now have much stronger spiritual (in the case of the girls) and broader Christian (from Tom) beliefs. We welcome all faiths and good people here! So, from our multi denominational house to all of yours, I send you many good wishes for a peaceful, loving, joy filled Christmas and new year!


From my husband’s point of view … (and mine too!)

Me in intensive care - v attractive!

Me in intensive care post surgery  – v attractive!

I read another woman’s blog the other day who had the same surgery as me, and she asked her husband how he felt about her surgery, a few months down the track. So,  sixteen weeks on, and mainly for others who are contemplating the same path, I thought I would put a few questions to my husband too, to give his viewpoint on these past few months:

Heaven on earth

Paradise Rocks, Sunshine Beach, Qld

Paradise Rocks, Sunshine Beach, Qld

I have returned from my lovely week in Noosa. Such a special time, being in so many of Martha’s favorite places, with some of her favorite people too. I had a lovely dawn walk with her ex boyfriend Tom, along the very beautiful Sunshine Beach as well as dinner and a morning beach walk with her dear friend Doris too.

Continue reading

Martha’s party in the sky

Image (63)_2

This time two years ago, our beautiful sister, daughter and friend Martha passed away. She was such a beautiful, special and courageous person. Not perfect, none of us are. But really so inspirational in how she lived her life, true to her creative self from beginning to end, and bravely enduring ten years of cancer treatment with good grace and humor.

Continue reading

Too good not to share ….

IMG_2374I wasn’t planning on a travelogue – but really, these photos are so beautiful of our time up on the Whitsundays that I thought I’d share a few pics. Yes, the sun shone brilliantly and we had a marvellous time – beautiful weather, wonderful friends, good food, the most luxurious boat you could imagine (thank you Michael!), lots of laughter … yep, it was all pretty much perfect!

Continue reading

Here comes the sun!

Today is the first day of Summer and I can not tell you how much I have been looking forward to this day almost all this year! Today I am FINALLY heading off for some rest and relaxation time in Queensland. First a few days with my husband and our lovely friends on a boat off Hamilton Island – YEAH!!!! I’ve been so looking forward to this trip. I’ve had a swimsuit hanging on the back of my bedroom door for months, just as a reminder to myself that sunny skies await after a long challenging year. I’ve stared at the back of that door through many tough mornings, lots of drowsy afternoons and plenty of dark nights too. I kept telling myself “it gets better!” And it has. I’m still not at the 100% fit and ready place that I thought I’d be. My stomach is really stiff and uncomfortable, so I’ve started some gentle stretching exersizes that will hopefully help with bringing back my strength and flexibility. But the worst is over and it’s onwards in to the sunshine for me!

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