Even better … FREE SHIPPING!

7503213_10706960-bagtote16_bFor those of you contemplating an order with my watermelonhearts store on Society6, I have good news – they have just started a free shipping offer until Monday December 2 on everything except Framed Prints, Canvases and Throw Pillows.

So that means you can buy all of the following, with FREE shipping:

– Art Prints (from $US16.95)

– Cards (from $US12 for 3 cards)

– iphone, ipad laptop skins and cases (from $US15.00)

– Tote Bags (from $US22.00)

– Mugs (from $US15.00)

I’d love to say you will have delivery before Christmas, but I don’t think that’s guaranteed. They quote international shipping  takes 1 – 3 weeks (and possibly up to 5 weeks) so that’s the big unknown at the moment. So if you do buy anything, let me know how long it takes to receive. I’m pretty confident about the quality, but the shipping time is variable.

Enjoy – and thanks in anticipation of any and every bit of support!


PS Here’s the link again:  http://society6.com/watermelonhearts

2 responses to “Even better … FREE SHIPPING!

  1. Luke Bailey

    Looks fab sis.Very proud of you. What a superb accomplishment.
    I’m sure wifey will get some pieces when we finally land the L.A home


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