Honouring our Lou

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It’s four months today since our dear sister and special friend, lovely Lou left us. I feel like my grief for her is soft, private and gentle, just like Lou. To honour her today I thought I’d share one of her many beautiful photos taken in Bali of a pink lotus (above), along with one of her poems.

We didn’t  knew that Lou was a poet, but when we packed up her belongings from her apartment, I found a beautiful book of poetry she had written. All sensitive, soft and tender words. I feel like Lou would be happy for me to share it with you now that she is safely up there in heaven – she really did not like the spot light when she was here, but I think she is quite proud of herself now that she doesn’t have to deal with the attention!

I think this is my favorite of Lou’s poems. We are all honouring you today Lou and the gentle, talented , creative, sensitive, graceful person that you were. Do send her good wishes up there in heaven today, where she is resting (and no doubt enjoying the company of Martha!) I hope that those of you that did not have the pleasure of knowing Lou can sense the essence of her in her beautiful words.


Sometimes the passion for Life
That exists within our depths
Seeks to be expressed
To Live
To Breathe
To be Heard
To be Delivered

Sometimes we speak
From the carriage
Of restraint
And understanding
In control of the horses
That take us forward

Other times we saddle up
And ride forward
Into the wind
Unrestrained and passionate

Other times we fly
We rise up
Above all that is heavy and unnecessary

We rise up
And we feel the lightness
Of our Being
The Beauty of our capacity
Our capacity to perceive
The bigger picture
The higher joy
The delight
The freedom
The dance
The giggle

All move forward
Horse and carriage
Horse and saddle
In full flight
Together as one
We move forward
No longer on
The road to nowhere

We claim our sense of purpose
To be here
To own our Joy

Words & photography – Mary Lou Bailey

God bless you Lou!

And if you’d like to see more of Lou in her beautiful life, go here.

4 responses to “Honouring our Lou

  1. Sue Story

    Special blessings today Lou, I feel so privileged to share your thoughts in poem. May you travel happily with Martha today, enjoying a giggle and sharing sisterly love.


    • Thanks Sue. We can’t think of Lou without knowing she is with Martha, and taking comfort from that. And we can’t think of Martha’s final months without being so grateful for her time at Katie Rose with you. Martha always used to say “the universe delivers!” and yes it certainly did, for all of us, with our time spent with Martha at Katie Rose, in the loving care of you and all of your team. With lots of special love to you – thank you for honouring our beautiful sisters. Sarah xxoo


  2. Bec Armstrong (Sarah' s youngest sister)

    Special love to Lou today.
    Slowly slowly we will accept the sadness within each of us to lose her,
    but it sure helps to know she is now at peace.
    Love to you up in Sydney Sars,
    Lots of love Bec xx


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