Even better … FREE SHIPPING!

7503213_10706960-bagtote16_bFor those of you contemplating an order with my watermelonhearts store on Society6, I have good news – they have just started a free shipping offer until Monday December 2 on everything except Framed Prints, Canvases and Throw Pillows.

So that means you can buy all of the following, with FREE shipping:

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Art for everyone!

Spring Garden mug - $US15

Well, I promised I would be exploring my art from here on in … and here’s what I have created already! I’ve discovered a website where you can sell your art printed on to an assortment of products called Society6. (Thanks  to Monique for telling me about it!). So I’ve uploaded some of my paintings, and I have to say I am quite pleased with how they look on products – cards, mugs, cushions, phone and laptop covers, tote bags etc. And they will frame and post the art prints too. Love it!

This is the link to my new online store:   http://society6.com/watermelonhearts

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TA DA! Crossing the finish line


This time twelve weeks ago, I was still under anesthetic, part way through my L-O-N-G surgery and today officially marks the end of the recuperation period. Thank God for that! I am so bored of thinking about this topic that has been top of mind for almost all of this year.

To be honest, it’s not really “over”, there is still more healing to go. My scars have gone from red to plum and I suppose it will be a long time until they fade to match the rest of my skin. My stomach is numb from navel to scar line, and feels hard and way too tight (still) and my core strength has a long way to go. My breasts are solid mounds of numbness which is very strange, but they have softened up a bit since the surgery, so will just keep the faith that there’s LOTS more progress and healing yet to come there. I’ve also braved my first post surgery bra shop on the weekend, which was not as confronting as I’d expected (Rose at my local lingerie store was very helpful and reassuring – so I do recommend her to anyone in the same boat.) Another milestone ticked off!

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Art for the Heart


Eleven weeks post surgery, and I’m finally at a point where the whole breast issue is not top of mind for me. Thank god for that! My recovery is continuing well. I’m moving much more easily, and sleeping better. Slowly my energy levels are returning and discomfort levels have substantially reduced. My scars have settled down a lot, looking much less red and raw than they were. Life is slowly returning to “normal”, whatever “normal” is going to be for me!

For almost all of this year the surgery has preoccupied my thoughts for just about every waking moment, particularly in the last few months, so it is really refreshing to have new things to think about! And of course, one of these is my art.

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Honouring our Lou

AAALOTUSBali September 2008 248[1]_2

It’s four months today since our dear sister and special friend, lovely Lou left us. I feel like my grief for her is soft, private and gentle, just like Lou. To honour her today I thought I’d share one of her many beautiful photos taken in Bali of a pink lotus (above), along with one of her poems.

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Letting go ….


I’ve now passed the ten week mark since my surgery. I have to say I am really getting so bored of even thinking about my body. (So I am sure many of you are bored of hearing about it!) I’m hoping soon to post about things other than my bosoms! Suffice to say, I am on the right track, but for those who are reading this to know what they might expect from a similar surgery, here’s the update:

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Postscript – re my lost nipple


I’m slowly coming to terms with this week’s development and loss. I really have been quite sad and rattled by losing my nipple. For the first time I’ve thought “enough already!” I think this is just about my tipping point, so I’m looking after myself so as I don’t go over the edge! I’ve had a number of cathartic long cries, done a bit of colourful drawing and received a few comforting hugs for good measure. I’m not happy about it but I will deal with it.

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