Celebrating our precious Lou


Today it is three months since my beautiful sister Lou left us to join our Martha in heaven. I feel them both with me every day and am grateful that Lou is at peace now, with Martha looking after her too. The thought of my two special sisters being together gives me so much comfort.

So on this special day I thought I would share this photo with you to celebrate our precious Lou, creative and talented in so many ways. Lou was a wonderful photographer, and gave each of us one of her framed prints last Christmas. The one she gave me is above, a bee on a lotus flower. All beautiful shots of nature, taken in her beloved Bali.

To see more of our precious Lou, you can see many lovely images of her life here. Please join me in sending Lou blessings  and in celebrating all of the many good things about Lou today.


Sending so much love to you Lou-la. We miss you dearly and are slowly and gently coming to terms with our sudden loss of you. It will take a very long time. Know that you are so well loved by so many. You are in our thoughts and our hearts every single day.

God bless you precious Lou, my dear sister and friend


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