Breakthrough - by Martha 2002

Breakthrough – by Martha 2002

Just a quick post to announce that today I passed a significant milestone – I walked all the way to the post office and back! Twenty minutes each way (walking at a slow half pace). Yeah! It felt like I’d never be able to do that just a couple of weeks ago, so hooray for progress. Slow and steady, but I’m getting there! Still tired and taking my long afternoon naps each day, but it is very exciting to be starting to regain some physical strength (and independence!) I’m heading in the right direction and glad for milestones like these so as I know that I really am getting better. Tomorrow it is six weeks since my surgery so I am nearly half way through the official recovery period. All is well!

8 responses to “Breakthrough!

  1. Bec Armstrong

    Go Sars, soon we can walk all the way to a coffee shop together!
    Looks like all those arvo naps are healing you well.
    Hooray for every milestone!
    Lots of love Bec xxx


  2. Luke Bailey

    hey beautiful Sis , here’s to every step of strength you have shown on this intense
    journey you have been on over the last few years. Keep going , these deep challenges
    will soon be behind you. Lotsa love LBW xo


    • Thank you my lovely brother. It’s always good to know you are holding my hand along the way as we step through these rocky paths together. I just realised today that this is the first September since 2004 that I haven’t been over there in NY with you! I’m trying not to miss you and your girls too much. Give each and every one of you a hug from me S xxoo


  3. Megan

    Know that though we are not physically with you, we are all so often thinking of you and wishing so very much for your recovery – it makes me so sad that you have had to go through this physical, emotional and mental trial, especially after recent challenges. I have noted in my diary that it is the six week mark, so great to hear that progress is being made each day. Like that story you told me about the bridge and the coloured ropes, we are all connected and our love is with you, I hope you feel it. xxxx and gentle hugs


    • Thanks Megan. Yes I feel and am so appreciative for all of the love and support being sent my way. And I’m very glad to have hit the half way mark at last. The worst is behind me now. Sending love to you too
      S xx


  4. Paula Bailey

    Go Sare, So proud of you and the way you have handled all the challenges that have come to you over the last couple of years.I love you,Popsy. xxxxooo


    • Hello my lovely artist sister – you’ve had more than your fair share of challenges too Popsy and you know I am full of love and admiration for you and the way you have handled them. Your courage is an inspiration to me, every day. Lots of love to you too (this page is a Bailey love fest!) Sarah xxoo


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