Two steps forward and one step back


Oh I thought my next post was going to be such a positive “YAY! I am nearly there!” one … and I AM nearly there. On the weekend I did my first “proper” walk, around Cremorne Point (my favorite and surely one of the most beautiful urban walks in the world), which took me 90 minutes, rather than the usual hour. But I did it and I loved it so hooray for that. I’ve also stopped taking any prescription pills since about 10 days ago and am only taking a few over-the-counter pain medications a couple of times a day now. I’ve finally dropped the afternoon nap too, in an effort to help me sleep better at night. That seems to be working well. Two months today since my surgery and yes, I have made so much progress since then.

That’s all the good stuff!

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Eight weeks and counting since my “NOT a boob job”!

Me at 8 weeks post surgery

Eight weeks today since my surgery so that means I’m two-thirds of the way through the official recovery period. I’m progressing well but it’s a long time to be on pain killers, have your surgery top of mind much of the time, sleep every afternoon for two to three hours, not be able to drive and just generally be house bound! However, I am looking on the plus side too, in that I’m so fortunate to have the time and space to just have the full time job of resting and healing with plenty of love and support around me. Yes, I am lucky for that and also to have been given the advance warning of my impending breast cancer threat. Things could have been MUCH worse! There are many, many women in way more challenging, painful and difficult positions than mine.

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Getting there ….


Today I had my almost 7 week check up with James, my surgeon, and he is very pleased with my progress. Everything is healing up well. From my point of view, I have been feeling much stronger in this past week. I have moved from the “painful & exhausted” end of the spectrum, to just “tired & uncomfortable”. My breasts are less achy and the need for the pain medication has backed off quite a bit. I’m off Endone (morphine) and just using Panadol a few times a day, with Tramadol at night (this info for fellow breast surgery friends!) And my energy levels are on the rise, although I still need a couple of hours sleep every afternoon. I feel like the second set of six weeks in my recovery will be like I had expected the first six weeks would be – just going gently and resting, having some creative time to myself. After the actual very challenging first six weeks I have had, now I feel like I’ve earned it!

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Celebrating our precious Lou


Today it is three months since my beautiful sister Lou left us to join our Martha in heaven. I feel them both with me every day and am grateful that Lou is at peace now, with Martha looking after her too. The thought of my two special sisters being together gives me so much comfort.

So on this special day I thought I would share this photo with you to celebrate our precious Lou, creative and talented in so many ways. Lou was a wonderful photographer, and gave each of us one of her framed prints last Christmas. The one she gave me is above, a bee on a lotus flower. All beautiful shots of nature, taken in her beloved Bali.

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Breakthrough - by Martha 2002

Breakthrough – by Martha 2002

Just a quick post to announce that today I passed a significant milestone – I walked all the way to the post office and back! Twenty minutes each way (walking at a slow half pace). Yeah! It felt like I’d never be able to do that just a couple of weeks ago, so hooray for progress. Slow and steady, but I’m getting there! Still tired and taking my long afternoon naps each day, but it is very exciting to be starting to regain some physical strength (and independence!) I’m heading in the right direction and glad for milestones like these so as I know that I really am getting better. Tomorrow it is six weeks since my surgery so I am nearly half way through the official recovery period. All is well!

Me and my stitches

images-1This post is not for the squeamish – but I thought I’d just explain the background to my fearful mindset around my scars. And it’s not to do with vanity!

As you would expect, my surgery has involved a lot of stitches, both inside and out, to transplant one portion of my body to another. I know most people are not that thrilled about having, or looking at stitches and scars on their body, but I think I am hyper sensitive about them. This is because I had an accident when I was a child, and almost severed my foot in half! Continue reading

A breath of fresh air


Yesterday marked five weeks since my surgery, and I am very happy to report that I have just returned from the beach house of my very generous friend, Trent, who offered me the use of his house in Palm Beach for a few days. It was absolutely beautiful – the weather, the house and the spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean from the balcony! I arrived on Tuesday with Holly, and we left today. I can only be away from home for a couple of days because I have to be back to have my dressings changed, but I am so glad we went. There is something about a water view that is so soothing. Last week I was not sure I would have the energy for the drive of just over an hour from home, but it was fine, and once we got there I wished we didn’t have to leave so soon!

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