Happy 21st birthday Holly!

wild & precious life a 09 13Here is the artwork I created last week as part of the card I made for our daughter Holly’s birthday today. A big day in the life of our family – 21 years of parenthood for me & my husband today too. Judging from the lovely people Holly & Tom have become, I think we have done a pretty good job!

All of us are wiped out today. Me from just being out in the real world yesterday, and Holly, well, she has not yet emerged from her bedroom yet after a BIG night out celebrating with her friends, as all good 21 year olds do. Congrats to her!

And of course the flowers on my card were all selected for their special meanings. What mother would not wish her daughter all of the following?:

In the language of flowers (L-R)

Sunflower – loyalty, adoration, devotion
Kangaroo Paw – resilience
Agapanthus – the flower of love
Tulip – perfect happiness
Cosmos – peacefulness, love, modesty
Morning Glory – love, affection
Daffodil – faith, honesty, truth, respect
Iris – wisdom, beauty
Azalea – femininity, take care of yourself for me
Gardenia – joy, purity
Marigold – courage, creativity
Jasmine – cheerfulness, grace, elegance

Here’s to Holly and her ongoing adventures in her one wild and precious life! And as I said to her, “Don’t forget you have your two special angels, Martha and Lou, up in heaven always looking over you, and happy to help you along – just ask, and they are so there! Always know that the universe is supporting you and that everything always works out well in the end, even though it sometimes takes a rocky road to get there. It is all good!”

Really, with Martha as her godmother, how can she go wrong?!

We are ALL supported every day. All is well!

5 responses to “Happy 21st birthday Holly!

  1. congratulations to you both for successfully parenting that beautiful child to adulthood.
    glad to hear the healing continues. x


    • Thanks Bunty – always lovely to hear from you. I know that Anna is champing at the bit to get up to see me from Adelaide, as soon as I am awake enough! So no doubt I will be seeing you somewhere along the way when that happens. Love to you, Sarah xx


  2. Megan

    And Holly’s other Godmother (your very dear sister Megan) is readily available too if Martha is busy! 🙂 I know stuff.


  3. A message from Holly’s grandparents (Tony’s mum & dad), which they have asked me to post:

    29/9/92—even said backwards
    is still a great ‘coup’
    —‘cos there was Holly, fresh and newborn
    and look at her now, so far from forlorn!
    Endowed with beauty
    both outside and in,
    whenever we say this,
    proudly we more than just grin!
    Now 21, congratulations are due
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Holly
    Our love and best wishes
    go out to you!

    Nana and Papa


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