Re-entry into the real world has commenced!


Earlier today …

This morning we commenced Holly’s birthday celebrations with a family brunch together down at Balmoral. I felt like some sort of small animal coming out into the sunlight after a long hibernation! It was so nice to be out and about, and even better to walk along the beach promenade there. As Tom pointed out, while still slower than my usual self, I am moving WAY faster than I was in hospital, and am now able to stand up straight too. Yes, I am making progress! Doesn’t feel like it much on a day to day basis, but when I think back to how I was just a few weeks ago, yes, I can see more clearly that I am improving slowly but surely. Hooray for that – keep it coming!

8 responses to “Re-entry into the real world has commenced!

  1. JLB

    Lovely. Keep going!


  2. Louise

    Miraculous when you consider it’s only one month today:)


  3. Paula Bailey

    Fantastic Sare. The only way is up now, love Popsy. xx


  4. Megan

    Good to see those smiling faces 🙂 You are so often in my thoughts, xxm


  5. Oh, it does feel so good to get out in the sunshine. So happy you are feeling better!


    • Thanks Joanie. You know you are my inspiration – I see at four weeks post surgery you were taking very long walks, so I’m determined to catch up to you. Each of us in our own way. I will get there. I know that your journey was a tough one too, and I tell myself in those rough hours/ days that one day I will be where you are, happily looking back on it all and saying “go me! I did the right thing!”


  6. Thanks to all of you for your love and encouragement with your comments. It all helps. I do love comments on my blog, so as I don’t feel I am talking to nobody in the wilderness! I receive lots of lovely emails and messages too and it all helps to keep me moving along in the right direction, knowing I am not alone in all of this. Thank you! Sarah xx


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