Hello my lovely friends.

I have VERY GOOD NEWS!!! Have just received the pathology reports – ALL CLEAR. NO CANCER. NO FURTHER TREATMENT REQUIRED!!! As expected, but I can not tell you how relieved & happy I am to have it officially confirmed. All is well. My husband was with me when we received the news this morning from my surgeon. Hooray for that!!

And have just had the last drain removed by my fave nurse & my drip will come out shortly too, so will be tube free by this arvo. So then can finally have a shower as well. Marts & Lou are cheering loudly too from upstairs. Hooray for them holding my hand every moment this past week. It has been so so hard, but slowly getting better every day.

Goodbye to this chapter & on with the healing!

Thank you for all of your love & support from a v weepy, v relieved, exhausted & happy


9 responses to “HALLELUJAH!!!

  1. Yay! Fab news. Congratulations. So pleased you are getting some good news at last. xx


  2. Viki

    Amazing and awesome news Sarah! So happy for you…..time to celebrate (once you’re up and about of course)!!!!!


  3. Louise

    The miracle of life! A million blessings to you darling Sarah ~ you now have the rest of your life to live, love, and laugh often:) This would have to the best news for today. Go Martha, Lou, and those very capable surgeons. Amazing, amazing, amazing! Right day, right result, time to create your future:) Smile big today!


  4. Megan

    Great news! You will feel a lot better with the tubes out xoxm in Noosa imagining you will soon be able to have a healing ocean swim – Summer is on its way! Sun and blue skies.


  5. MAREE and Lou

    Wonderful news!
    Glad all clear and you can get on with recovering.
    I am sure you will feel much better after having a shower, even tho I am sure you will be exhausted after.
    Continue to feel better each day and we continue to follow your progress with your daily comments.
    What joy for Tony,Holly and Tom!

    Love Maree and Lou


  6. Paula Bailey

    Go girl!!! What a relief. Big hugs from me.Love, Popsy. xxxxoooo


  7. Sally C

    YAAAAY ! The best news ! I’m over the moon for you. It’s all looking up and great to hear of your steady progress everyday. Love and big hugs, Sal xx


  8. Elizabeth L

    Wonderful !!! So very happy to hear this news xx Lots of love to you xx


  9. Heidi Lapidge

    Amazing wonderful news xxxxx


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