Sarah spent most of the day in a continual drowsy, sleepy state.

Feeling all round was that it wasn’t great her being that way and although the pain killers were being reduced, there didn’t seem to be much change in her vitality.

However, things seemed to really improve right on about 7pm, halfway through my visit.

Sarah perked up a little, was able to engage in a lot more conversation than previously and said for the first time that she felt really quite good compared to the previous few days.

So, it seems she may have turned the corner and emerged “from the fog” and shroud of pain that she has had to endure since Wednesday.

Hooray for that!

Holly and Tom visiting tomorrow for the first time which will be nice for Sarah…

4 responses to “BREAKTHROUGH

  1. Louise

    Sarah ~ great news, and every day you’ll get stronger, stronger, and stronger:) Enjoy your time with Holly & Tom, and happy fathers day!


  2. Heidi Lapidge

    That sounds wonderful … Please send Sarah our love and I look forward to the updates !!!! All the best and lots of love Heidi xxxxx


  3. Sally Cahalan

    Sarah… wonderful progress in a short time. Amazing as always ! Tony, a big thank you for all the updates. What a team you are ! Enjoy your family time tomorrow. Sending love and big hugs, Sal xx


  4. JLB

    Thanks for that. One foot in front of the other…….Forward! Love


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