I arrived at the hospital at 9am and Sarah was much more tired than she was yesterday. I think the “day after” relief that she actually got through the operation had dissipated. But to be tired is good, as it means recovery and healing.

But, after a couple of hours rest she managed to take tentative first steps and stood up for the first time. She then was able to sit more upright in a chair for an hour or so, wriggling her feet to assist blood flow and taking some deep breaths to get the lungs performing as they should. So a real breakthrough! Has to repeat the procedure again this afternoon.

Sarah was relieved that the pain wasn’t quite as bad as she had been anticipating which was great.

Now sleeping again.

All good for now.

One response to “A BIG STEP

  1. Louise

    Baby steps Sarah – one movement at a time and breathing is always good:) You are courageous, you are strong, and continue to be an inspiration – rest up


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