Sarah had a night of being woken up every 15 minutes to be monitored after the surgery. She was completely out of it as you would expect during the time this was going on. I arrived at the ICU this morning at 11am to find her looking much better, in less pain and overall a lot more comfortable. She was pleased to be able to have someone there with her and explain a little bit about what went on just after the operation. I shared some texts with her that had come in from all her friends which she enjoyed very much. After cutting up her lunch and feeding her, she was packed up and moved to St Vs Private, into her own room. She remains very, very tired but feels if she can get a good night’s sleep tonight, that will be a big help.
Tomorrow will be a tough day for her as she needs to get up out of bed and move around, essentially to ensure no blood clots form. The doctors are very pleased with their work and all key indicators post-op are where they should be. Let’s trust that trend continues…

2 responses to “THE DAY AFTER

  1. Megan

    I have no doubt at all that Sarah is going to be able to cope with whatever the next few days bring – she is a champion! So pleased it has all gone well, I have a strong feeling that the trend will continue that way. Lots of love to you Sarah, I went shopping while in Noosa with the Shopping Queen (JER) – ‘it’s in the mail’ XX p.s. I hope Sarah OKed that sleeping picture 🙂


  2. JLB

    Hang in there. This unpleasantness will pass. Love you XX Dad


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