Sarah emerged from surgery at 10pm tonight, after 12 hours on the operating table. I saw her at about 1030, just as she was starting to waken from the anaesthetic. She was in quite a lot of pain and discomfort but after about half an hour of adjusting morphine and panadeine levels and organising some dry mouth relief and the oxygen feed, she was much more settled when I left at about midnight. There are wires and drips everywhere and she is going to be waken through the night for ongoing but critical tests. The doctor is very pleased with the result of the surgery and at this stage there are no complications (not expecting any, but still very early days!). Sarah’s sister Anna was by her bed which made Sarah very happy – so thanks Anna for being there for her! Day 2 tomorrow…

9 responses to “OPERATION COMPLETE

  1. Luke Bailey

    Thanks for the update. So wonderful
    beautiful Anna was there at such a
    poignant time. All will be well.


    • Megan

      Thanks for the very early morning update – a long wait for you, I’m glad it’s over. That bit anyway. Sarah would have been so comforted to see you and Anna by her side. Still early days but it’s sounding like a success.


  2. Maree and Lou

    What a great relief for you, Sarah–and your loving husband, Holly, Tom—and , for all family and friends


  3. Heidi Lapidge

    Thinking of you all!!!! All our love Heidi , mark xxxxx


  4. Jenny Dow

    Thanks for the update. Thinking if you all at the moment and please send Sarah all my love. Very proud of my gorgeous friend. xx


  5. Bec Armstrong

    To our beautiful sister Anna – Sarah could be in no better care than in your gentle hands (so glad you are there!), and of course the calm presence of her lovely husband (thanks for updates). To the doctors – keep up the pain relief !! So much love to you courageous Sarah – the operation is behind you, so rest and heal now… Love you lots Bec xx


  6. Thanks for the update. Love to Sarah. Lots of love to you all.


  7. Jan

    Well done Sarah, Tony – and the doctors and nurses – and Anna, so grateful you could be there! Thinking of you all xx


  8. Paula Bailey

    Rest up darling heart. Lots of love to you,Popsy oooxxx


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