Hooray for my good husband!

love is .jpgThis time 24 years ago, we were getting ready in all our finery for our wedding! So happy anniversary to us – and it gives me a chance to say a special thank you to my husband, not only for 24 years of wedded bliss and (almost) 21 years of parenthood together, but also for what a very good husband he has been to me this year.

He has been to every single doctor’s appointment with me, and driven me to and from as well, often when I have been in a shell shocked state. He has probably had the THE most boring year (okay, l admit it, almost TWO years!) while I get my act together and zone in on all things me – focussing on mostly solitary pursuits – meditation, journalling, painting, going very gently. And through it all he has put up with whatever new “thing” I have taken on and gently accepted that “I gotta do what I gotta do”. The end result is a calmer wife in the face of trauma, but still, very boring for him!

So thank you to him for being a good supportive husband to me. For providing for us , without ever looking for acknowledgement for all the good things he does, in a “clear, sound and practical” way. All the while, building a very successful media agency, and making a few corporate acquisitions in his own business, that he has built from the ground up! And of course, just being an all round “good bloke” to me, Holly, Tom and many others.

Hooray for my husband, the quiet achiever! Thank you for 24 years of love and support, and most especially for seeing me through the stormy last few years. Yes, I think it was a good move we married, 24 years ago today!


4 responses to “Hooray for my good husband!

  1. Luke Bailey

    Congrats to you both. He is a top fella in many ways that’s for sure !


  2. Megan

    Special thanks to him for looking after you so beautifully, calmly and patiently. Our family is not exactly easy with all the various challenges – hopefully not boring though! I know you will both come through this magnificently, I have great faith in both of you and Holly and Tom. Thinking of you all Xoxoxo


  3. JLB

    And a great son-in-law. Many thanks to him


  4. Paula Bailey

    He is a gem. What a beautiful couple you are. Going through all the ups and downs together. You absolutely deserve to be happy. Love to you both,Popsy xxxxxoooo


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