My sisters, Martha and Lou

martha lou april 2001

These are my sisters Martha (on left) and Lou, pictured together over ten years ago now. Martha passed away after a decade long battle with breast cancer in December 2011 aged 46, and Lou also left us suddenly in July 2013, aged just 49. I am part of a big family with eight children (I have six sisters and one brother) and both our parents are still with us. We are comforted that Martha and Lou are together again now up in their new home in heaven.

There is so much I could say about each of them, but I will keep it to these few words to describe who they were…. Martha was sparkling, creative, wise, chatty, courageous and expressive. Lou was a deep thinker, intelligent, graceful, wise, kind and gentle. Both sensitive and special in their own way. Both much loved by many.

I think the best way to capture the essence of Martha and Lou is in these YouTube clips I put together for each of them after they passed away. Rest in peace girls. You will always live on in our hearts!

4 responses to “My sisters, Martha and Lou

  1. Kate

    Now it is time to say a few words about Sarah who is always so selfless.
    Firstly courageous ,creative ,intelligent ,beautiful . A beautiful wife mum incredible sister rather perfect dont you think well I seem to think she is?
    I was fortunate enough to spend time alongside Sarah whilst my dear friend Martha was in her final moments.
    Martha said Kate do you mind if I spend some private time with Sarah how could I mind having Sarah by your side would give anyone peace and comfort?
    Sarah we are all so glad you are taking this brave choice because we all want you in our lives for many years.
    Love Kate Ratliff ( Mooney) xo


  2. Hi Kate
    What a lovely comment – no wonder Martha loved you! thanks so much for all your gorgeous thoughts. Martha and Lou will be right there with me so I am going to be fine!
    lots of love


    • Kate

      Ps please add me to your email address I know my sis Maryanne is your new friend but can’t believe she is on your contact list and I am not! Ha ha x


  3. Kate you are hilarious (or, as Martha would say “you are such a trick!”)
    I think I lost your email address somewhere along the way – and yes I have re-added it to my contact list. Meantime, thanks for Maryanne for passing on my emails to you (we are besties – haha!)
    lots of love


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