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I’ve decided to do a blog about my life right now,  because I am about to head into major surgery, and want to keep family and friends updated on my progress in coming months. I’ve been meaning to start a blog around my art, so this has given me the impetus to actually get one up and running.

I have also been appreciative in reading other women’s experiences with breast cancer and its treatment on breast cancer blogs and forums. So I thought I should return the favour, in case reading about my journey helps someone else. I have found it comforting to hear first hand from others who have had similar experiences, invariably with a happy outcome, albeit with a few twists and turns along the way!

And thereafter, well, I’ll just take it from there. Maybe I’ll use this blog to update on my art progress. For the moment, you get to share my journey as my old breasts become new ones (and no, I don’t plan on posting any up close and personal breast photos!)

Stay tuned …..

FYI for those travelling a similar path – the blogs and forums that have been most helpful to me are: (Joanie’s journey w LCIS & DIEP – like me)

2 responses to “My blog

  1. Heidi Lapidge

    Hi Sarah I had planned to call you tomorrow to wish you luck for Wednesday but feel that this blog section may be your preferred method of communication.
    You are one of the bravest people I know . What you have endured over the past few years and now what you are about to experience is truly courageous (I know these are words many people will be using however now is not about finding the perfect words to say to you but more about communicating with you).
    I will be thinking of you and praying for you (always good to have all religious persuasions channeling their energy to g-d!!!)
    Look forward to hearing about your progress when you are ready!!!!
    All our love Heidi Mark Manon Tasha Romi xxxxx


  2. thanks heidi. All fine here – just counting down the days slowly but surely … everything will be okay. I have plenty of angels looking over me! love to you & yours too
    And yes, one day we will have that elusive catch up in person!


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